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Manitoba Production Centre - Studio.jpg

Facility Information

Manitoba’s only purpose built Movie production facility and 15,000 square foot clear-span Sound Stage.
The Manitoba Production Centre was designed to meet your overall production requirements. Our facility offers a great deal of flexibility and provides several multi-use space capabilities.

Facility Lot

  • Lot Dimensions run 342 feet East to West, 383 feet North to South 

  • Secure Three and a half (3 ½) acre, well lit compound for production

  • vehicles and staff parking


Facility Amenities

  • 30 phone VOIP system with voice mail, switchboard and paging

  • Symmetrical internet (scalable)

  • Wifi coverage throughout building

  • Data ports covering the building

  • 3 high speed photo copiers (1 is colour)

  • Monitored security system

  • Power & water hook-ups on east side for trailers etc.

  • Entire building is climate controlled

Manitoba Production Centre -  Main Door


  • Flexible seating for 80+

  • Refrigerator, stove, built-in dishwasher, and 2 microwaves

  • Storage closet for craft services

  • Large, flexible 3,500 sq. ft. Space

Manitoba Production Centre - Cafeteria.j

Dressing Rooms

  • Six dressing rooms (4 can become double bangers)

  • Two private Star dressing rooms with CD/Stereo, Fridge, microwave, separate private shower, toilet & vanity , sofa, desk, voice/data port

  • Adjacent Flex-Space near Mezzanine Level Dressing Rooms

  • Not all dressing rooms are identical with regards to layout and amenities

Manitoba Production Centre - Star Dressi

Dye Room

  • Two commercial grade washers & dryers

  • Powerful venting system & eyewash station

  • Double sink


Green Room

  • Central lounge or Green Room area with phone, data and comfortable upholstered furniture

  • Adjacent Flex-Space


Hair & Makeup

  • Four stations each with hydraulic salon chair, 2 separate breakers, controlled lighting

  • One hair wash station

  • CD/Stereo, microwave, fridge, coffee station & ample shelving

Manitoba Production Centre - Dressing Ro

Loading Docks

  • Four overhead doors above grade level

  • Interconnects to studio, shop, wardrobe


Office Spaces

  • Five private offices, furnished, with voice/data

  • Four open plan works stations with voice/data

  • Two additional spaces located on west side of Mezzanine with 3 voice/data ports per side for overflow or more flexible arrangements as needs dictate


Production Area

  • Ten open plan work stations with voice/data, controlled lighting, file storage

  • Vaulted front with natural light

  • Fax line available at request

  • Two additional spaces located on west side of Mezzanine with 3 voice/data ports per side for overflow or more flexible arrangements as needs dictate

  • Adjacent Flex-Space

Manitoba Production Centre - Offices.jpg


  • 5,000 sq. ft.

  • 200 amp 3 phase power

  • Two hi power exhaust fans

  • Separate overhead door for loading


Sound Stage

  • 15,000 sq. ft.

  • 100’ x 150’ clear span, 35’ to low steel

  • Two -- 400-amp, 3 phase 120/208 volt service

  • Grade level loading dock with 2 - 14’ x 18’ overhead doors

  • Smooth reinforced concrete floor

  • Camera room with refrigerator

  • Office with voice /data ports, furnished

  • High power, high speed exhaust system

  • Film studio roof joists

  • 15 KN at any panel point

  • 2 KN at any bottom chord panel points simultaneously

  • NOTE: These are live loads

Manitoba Production Centre - Studio.jpg


  • Shadowless lighting system

  • Four adjustable ceiling retractor outlets on separate breakers & ample shelving

Manitoba Production Centre -

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